Merry Christmas 🎄 and a prosperous new year in advance.

in Hive Naija • 4 months ago

Wow is been awhile, compliment of the season to everyone,hope you had a blissful Christmas celebration?



Am super excited to see all of you here is the last Sunday of the month and for the year 2020. The year started so tough and rough, bad news everywhere, fear and so on but here we are standing so tall with good health not in the hospital, living free not in the prison, making joyful noise not in the mutuary. Is not of our carefulness neither is because we are too good but is because of his mercies.


Look back from where you came from, and where you are now. No matter how unpleasant it is, at least you are alive and as far you are alive, there is hope tomorrow will be greater than today. A lot of people wish the same goodness but unfortunately they couldn't make it to this day,but there you are with life assure.


Please whether you see rice or chicken chop or not, don't be intimidated by others achievement,is their time the clock is still turning,soon it will turn to your side just be happy for them celebrate with them and move on with your life because when your time comes, they will celebrate you too.


That's why I keep saying, that happiness is a choice but I will advise you to choose to be happy at all time that is the key.


Happy sunday and a glorious new week...

Thank you.