Free Spirit; Like feathers drifting with the wind| Portraits of Ada.

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Some weeks ago, I shared a BTS video from a photography project I worked on with one of my favorite models; Ada. Whilst the photos looked really simple and calm, I connected with the photos on a personal level.

Once I had a little time on my hands, and Ada said she was visiting the area, I knew we had to work on something. I conversed with my stylist, and we made it happen. Nothing serious, just free vibes. Although we worked on some serious stuff too.

Based on the outfit for the shoot, we needed a green field, and green field we got. We were exactly needing the sun, but then came the sun, and it was the perfect mix for me. After getting familiar with the area and ensuring that we were safe, we got to shooting. Check out the results;

PSX-20201109-112331 KOD-2139

The way Ada swayed with the wind and connected with the environment was surreal. I had a wave of calmness when I was done editing the photos. I showed ut to the stylist and even without telling her how the photos made me feel, she was feeling same way. That's how you know the vibes was legit.

For a lot of other photos that I create, I get captions to use on Instagram from the internet. In this case, I created one based on how I felt about the photos, and the emotions they exuded; Freedom!

Talking about freedom, it is something I want to experience for real. Not like I ain't free, but then, there are these unseen burdens. Especially for a man, a Nigerian man. These burdens like living up to expectations[mostly set by people], being successful,etc. These things bite a whole chunk from the supposed freedom I should normally be experiencing.. Shii is deeper than I can explain.

I dunno how these photos make you feel. Mere photographs? That's okay! I'm just glad that for once in a very long time, I got to actually "feel" and experience my art. If you like them too, feel free to share in the comments section.

I created the photos with a Nikon D750 and Nikon 85mm prime lens. I switched between natural lighting and using a strobe!


Manually curated by blacklux 💡Hurricane Rider 🌪 from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you @blacklux.

What are you using to edit?

Lightroom Mobile for colorgrading. I can't afford a good PC with good display, so I use my phone to get at least 70percent color accuracy. Although I use Adobe Photoshop if I have to work on my subject's skin.

LR mobile is pretty good considering - I use it too, as normally I am on the run when I have a chance to edit. I don't have a lot of time sitting behind a PC. The edits are good, so that i all that matters :)

Yea! Thank you very much.