Can a Full-Time Crypto Hustler Survive in Greece?

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I love travelling and I have plans of moving abroad in a few year so I often find myself browsing the cost of living in different countries and cities using Numbeo.

I'm sure a lot of you are planning to spend your summer holidays in an exotic island or move to a sunny mediterranean country like Greece after you become filthy rich from crypto so let me shred some light into what's up with the cost of living here.


The screenshot above was taken from Numbeo. As you can seem, the average cost of living for a single person in Greece is around 620 Euros without rent but it's all a matter of choise.

I quit my job more than 2 years ago, commited 10% of my time and energy into learning about crypto and the other 90% in HIVE and I am now able to make a living from my online income sources.

More specifically, I earn around 600 Euros/month from Hive (other online income sources are not included), spend that money to pay my rent/bills and at the same time I live quite a decent life.

Standard Monthly Expenses

Rent/Bills = 200 Euro
Transportation = 25 Euro
Super Market & Grocery store = 100 Euro
Tobacco : 40 Euro

That's a total of 365 Euro/month so I can cover my basic needs. This leaves me with more or less 250 Euros to spend on daily expenses like fast food, beers and every other not so important, stupid or not so stupid thing I wanna spend my money at.

Everything is quite cheap here so 250 Euro can buy you a ton of stuff.

For example, a 500ml beer costs around 1 Euro and a big slice of Pizza costs 1 Euro too.

The average price for a drink at a bar is 5-8 Euro and the average price for a movie ticket is 5. If you feel like you wanna get a haircut you'll have to pay around 10 and if you wanna buy gas you'll have to pay around 1.5 Euro/liter.

These prices might seem low for the average European or US citizen but it's a nightmare if you are working a full-time job here. Most 9:00 - 17:00 jobs pay around 550 Euros so you can pretty much guess that there's no way forthe average Greek out there to save some money.

Can a Full-Time Crypto Hustler Survive in Greece?

Yes and I am the living proof. I never liked the fancy lifestyle of spending so if you are one of those folks then you can make it happen.

Anyone can survive in Greece as long as they earn more than 600 Euros every month and trust me, Greece is a really good place to spend some months/years of your life if you have that 600 Euros monthly income guaranteed.

How about your place?

As I mentioned, I love hearing about the cost of living in beautiful places all around the world so any suggestions about cheap and beautiful places are welcomed.

Stay safe and always have fun

Thank you all for your support

As a full-time online hustler, supporting my content allows me to keep doing what I love.
Much love to everyone and always have fun.

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Greece is even cheaper than Romania.

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Quite cheap over here but salaries are also very very low so it's a never ending loop of poor lifestyle for most Greeks.

How much is the minimum salary in Romania?

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Quit the tobacco man! Lol

Awesome stuff dude, love that you are able to do what you need from hive! Hopefully that stays the case as long as it can, before the criminals in the tax arm of the government come to steal your money lol

I know I should quit but damn I love smoking hehe!

I know man, that's why I now have a Binance card and pay directly with the card. No money in my bank account and spending crypto directly! Hell yeah!

Well, it's not that simple as I make it sound like but there are always a couple ways around every problem in my country hahaha!

How are you man? Everything's fine?

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lesgooo baby im coming to greeeece lol

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Hahahaha! You should take a look at Ithaca island if you feel like spending your summer here! Everything's quite cheap and the place is just epic!

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Damn never come to Australia, way to pricey here!

Also thanks again for the invite, broken into minnow territory and won some good delegations

That's awesome to hear man! Saw you have a nice stash of POB and more than 800 staked Hive!Really nice! Hive blockchain is a hidden gem right? Tons of stuff to do in this ecosystem!

I know Australia is pricey but I'll definitely visit some day hahaha! I have an uncle who lives in Sydney for the past 50 years and really wants to see me! Haven't met him since the last time he visited Greece 10 years ago.

Every time we speak he keeps saying to buy me tickets so I can come visit him!I'm pretty confident I won't return back to Greece if I visit Australia though hahaha! From what I've seen/read, everything's awesome at your part of the world!

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It's amazing! Gone from $0 to look $2k in 2 months, every come to Melbourne hit me up I owe you a beer or 5!

Hahahaa! Deal!

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Look forward to it mate!