Xbox Gold Users | 3 YEARS of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate just for $1!

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YES, you read the title correctly, I wanted to share all of you Xbox console users (players). Microsoft announced the new Xbox Game Pass For a PC and a deal for Game Pass Ultimate $1 at the Xbox E3 2019.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
(Source: Here)

With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you get Xbox Live Gold, Game Pass for Console, and Game Pass for PC, normally it's just for $14,99 a month, but the first month is $1. However, there's a trick to get 3 YEARS of Game Pass Ultimate just for ONE DOLLAR.

Alt Text
(This is how much you save with this trick)

What do you need to get the Ultimate for 1$?

Alright, basically you need to buy Xbox Live Gold for your console (It's your choice how long do you want it), so the example I bought a 12 Month Xbox Live Gold and now If I do the 1$ Ultimate upgrade, I get instantly 12+1 Month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and It works also on a PC.

Source: Youtube video made by Andru Edwards

I hope you got the point here, and I wish you a happy gaming experience! :)


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