My Organic Garden Update - April 2021

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I started cleaning the back of our house. And when I saw the beauty of it, I immediately thought of what I could do with it? And because of my passion for gardening, I started removing the blocks opposite our door without thinking about what would I do or plant in it?

I first started by plowing the sands to a depth of 60 centimeters. Next, all the dry leaves that fall on the tree I collect and pile up in my dig as well as the skins of fruits and vegetables until they rot. 5 percent sifted sand, I mix with dry crushed leaves and watered to easily rot and soften.

The hardest part of everything I do in the garden is to cultivate the soil and pick dry leaves from the park. These are the ones I got from planting sweet potato, sweet potato shoots are also edible. Once a week I take sweet potato shoots as well as my friend who is just near to us.

And since the sweet potato has reached its limit after I get its fruits from the ground; I have removed the scattered branches and buried them in the ground I dug.

But I left a few branches and did not bother to cut the tree below. Because some of the sweet potato branches have already taken root and are continuing to grow. I just watered it every day and I just added crushed dried leaves to keep it growing.

The Papaya and Bitter Gourd

This is where I started papaya. I planted 6 seeds and of the six only 5 survived. Before the seeds germinate, it takes more than 2 weeks. Long but worth it. The seed I used came from papaya we bought at the supermarket.

Almost all of my seed used in gardening or planting came from fruit we bought at the supermarket, and I just dried it for a while. After that, I prepared the container for planting the seed, so that when it was old enough it can now be moved.

This is what he looked like when I moved to a large open area. These are just a few of the papaya trees I moved and this one in the image is the two papaya trees I combined. I wanted to try grafting two trees that have roots because in the mango tree it is already done to increase the fruit and the tree is only small.

... This big fence is for the Bitter Gourd, crawl when it’s already growing. You will notice behind me that my Bitter Gourd plants are still small and on the left side is my small papaya plant.

Each pit I have in this sand has a depth of 60 centimeters. And after I dig it I will put dry grass which is the first layer. Next, I put little dry leaves on it, followed by a little fine sand. This is followed by dried leaves or skins of vegetables and fruits. After layering of dry leaves, it needs to be watered daily to accelerate the decaying.

Oh, I remember this fence that I made! It was made of scrap wood and wire that I got in the trash. Even what I use in planting comes from trash, large plastic bottles. Even the branches of the tree I use to.

See them now how big they are and healthy!

Here is the Bitter Gourd, I water it every day or every second day. And when you see him now, there are many fruits hanging on the branch!

This is papaya! They're big too! And all the trees have flowers! I made sure they were small trees by compressing and cutting some of their roots on the side.

The Chili

This is where my chili planting started. Five peppers, but in each pepper are two trees because I want to join two trees called grafting, and I did it successfully!

But before the chili, first is the peanut! I also planted and harvested a lot of peanuts in this small orchard. And when the peanuts were done, I started to expand it a bit for the chili plant.

I only planted eight pieces of peanuts and I thought it would not survive.

This is now my chili plant! Big and lots of fruit! We have already made Chili Garlic Oil from this plant and we have even been able to share it with my friend. This plant only needs daily watering because it strongly absorbs water.

And in other updates on my plants, below are the pictures!

This is the latest update of my new plants...

And finally, when I’m tired, I need to rest and breathe fresh air and do stretching! I am like this, every day. My Anti-Stress after work. ^_^

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