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When we hear the name of the insect, our body becomes shivering. A lot of times we get scared. When we see some insects again, we are overjoyed. Of these, the butterfly attracts us the most.There are some insects that are so beautiful that if you look at them, you will see them standing for a long time.





It is such a beautiful insect. After looking at it I stared for a long time and tried to determine if it was a butterfly or a moth!

Because moths look almost like butterflies but they are not actually butterflies. When butterflies sit on a tree or leaf, they close their wings and the mathera spread its wings. As if the fan wants to show us how beautiful it is!




Anyway this morning I see it in a small paddy field. Then I try to take it in hand and do some photography. But it was falling from the hands of the plaintiff was trying to fly in our hands again. But it could not fly. It falls down again after flying a little.

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