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RE: Dog Takes The Bus To Play In The Park Everyday By Herself

in #animals8 months ago

Very smart dog! This dog is a walking addict and bus addict!


Howdy sir kaminchan! I think this dog is super independent! Do you think dogs could have been a human in a past life or do animals stay animals and humans stay humans?

Could be either way depending on their karma!

Oh ok, very interesting sir kaminchan!

For a human tone reborn as an animal is very tragic! It means that person must have done loads of bad deeds!

Oh that makes sense, that would be terrible! You mean like murder someone?

Oh that makes sense, that
Would be terrible! You mean
Like murder someone?

                 - janton

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Very likely! So it is very wise not to commit any major bad karma!

Yes it is. That is one thing that I do right in my life! lol.

I am certain of that!! Bravo!
I will have to follow your good examples!