The day of Birds and Trees 10. May

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Day of Birds and Trees is a fraternal celebration of Earth Day in Hungary, which aims to build and deepen society's commitment to nature conservation, especially among young people, through various commemorations and events. It is May 10 of each year under the Nature Conservation Act in force. The tradition is now more than a hundred years old, István Chernel - a Hungarian ornithologist - organized the first such event. Based on my childhood memories, we always celebrated at school,then went out for a short trip to the next forest. I was very happy for it, because I didn't have to sit in the classroom and attend boring classes and study until then. I remember listening to the sounds of birds and competing to see how many birds’sounds they recognized.

Birds and trees live in symbiosis with each other. Birds eat the pests of the trees, spreading the seeds, in which case they are able to bring them very far. During the rearing period of the chicks, caterpillars and flying insects are collected in tons. The trees are home to them, especially the hollow old specimens. What happens where the trees are cut down? From there, most of the birds also disappear, going elsewhere.

Some of my original tree and bird photos:









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