My cousin Julian

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I did not publish it for a long time. The events I was going to narrate are still very fresh in my memory and it is a little difficult for me to remember everything without suffering because even though a part of me felt pleasure and enjoyed it, in another sense it was very traumatic events.

I am sure that in the future I will pick up where I left off to tell my story and the adventures I lived with Angela, my soul sister. For now, I would like to change the narrative a bit and tell you about another topic, which is even more recent, but which is not painful for me and is also very interesting.


It is the arrival of my cousin Julian, who came to live with me and my husband about 1 year ago in our house and many ways remind me of myself and my trajectory, as he also lived on the farm, and came teenager living in the big city.

Julian is a very handsome boy with delicate features, light skin, and lightly curly blond hair. Soon you realize that he is not like the other boys, he is studious, he does not like going out to play football and he prefers to stay at home helping me with housework. He is very quiet and dreamy, speaks little, and has a soft and melodious voice.

Our house is on a relatively large plot with a huge wooded yard and my husband released a small cabin next to the main house that served as an office to serve as a room for Julian, who stayed there for hours on end, studying, so that sometimes even we forgot about its existence.

I once tried to get in to talk to him and I realized that the door was locked since he had been entrusted with a key, I didn't bother, and left him to talk to him later. On another occasion, very early in the morning, when I was in the garden picking wild strawberries from the bushes near the hut, I might notice Julian asleep by a small crack in the window curtain.

I was surprised because at first, I thought I saw a girl, lying face down and without a blanket, because it was hot, wearing small panties and a female blouse. But it could not be a girl, but Julian, who had the waist, the butt and a body in general quite feminine. Then I looked away flushed and walked away.

I was wondering if I should do something because the blouse and panties were mines and he had picked them up on the clothesline while they were drying in the sun, I had not noticed the lack of these clothes, as I am distracted. But on reflection, I found it very innocent and decided not to say anything and keep it a secret. For me, he could have the freedom to dress and be as he liked, although he preferred that he had his clothes.

I told my husband nothing because he is very conservative and would certainly never approve of this situation. Time passed and more and more I realized that Julian wanted to be a woman and would give anything to have another life and be born in a female body. For this reason, he lived locked in his room wearing "my" clothes and feeling like a female as long as I could, because that was how he felt happy.

However over time, I realized that several of my clothes were disappearing and I decided that I could not continue this way, I needed to talk to him and I opened the game. I could forgive and support him and even buy new women's clothes for him, but stop stealing mine.

to be continued...

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Okay, I promise not to stop

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You're welcome @jullyette

Good to see you back @jullyette .

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Great story. I look forward to reading more.

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