The Positive Impact Of Covid-19 & 2020 That Would Only Become Obvious In The Near Future (3speak Version)

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The popular opinion out there is that 2020 has been the worst year since the year 2000 and this is obviously because of the impact of covid-19 and the pandemic and the lockdown and how a lot of people lost their jobs and went bankrupt. But the in Nigeria s lot of people still went on to build houses and even achieved a lot more.

In this video I talk about why covid-19 will act as a wake-up call to people who are overly dependent on centralised entities. Now these jobs are not secured and a global pandemic has and will keep reshaping the mindset of people towards becoming their own business owners, taking on entrepreneural risks and going all the way to protect their finances.

Covid and 2020 has taught people that they need to be their business owners and investors too. In this video I talk about why these lessons will help to take charge of their own fiances in the future, have a backup that wouldn't be reliant on diversity.

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