Investment Opinions; How Does This Influence Our Decision Overtime? (3Speak Version)

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Investment Opinions is what shapes people's choices; growth, greed, steadiness, short term, long-term, FOMO or even FUD. diverse people do not know that sometimes their real-time investment opinion often influences their opinions when investing in crypto and otherwise.

Investment opinion are those personal beliefs we hold towards an investment prospect without looking at history or research or any permutations.

Investment opinions is often sometimes based on sentiments. Angel investors have believe as as their investment opinion. Sometimes our research might show that a project wouldn't really do well.

But then our opinion might tell us otherwise and that's why sometimes we go ahead to invest in what we think would do well despite people warning us against it.

In this video I spoke about how we should allow ourselves to be driven by the right crypto investment opinion, one of them is giving some projects the opportunity to do well in the future. Crypto investment has turned many to billionaires; sometimes it all boils down to the right investment opinion.

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