Abundance.Tribe's BiWeekly Question - If There Was One Message That You Could Get Across To A Large Group Of People. What Would Your Message Be And Who Would Those People Be?

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The world we live in is filled with people who don't exactly fit in, conform to a societal norm, a set of specific way of life and of course met the standard of the ever demanding phenomenon in our diverse universal societies. We humans have created a boundary, a target and a type of target for ourselves in terms of character, culture, sexuality, way of life, communication and a certain relativity with ourselves and our natural habitat.

But the world is currently filled with people who doesn't conform to the natural human standard and they're treated quite differently because of this. There is a large group of people who feel they don't belong to the world because of how badly they have turned out.

They have measured their outcome and output and this calculation outrightly classifies them as outcasts or failures. But the truth is, the we humans ourselves aren't divine, we're flawed in our reasoning and flawed in our character despite claiming a stance of perfection. We're naturally stereotypical and this makes us forget that we can are a specie that cannot be tamed by our judgement of ourselves.

This is why a lot of people are suffering inferiority as a result of feeling Incomplete and different in a world that is heavily categorized and segemented unfairly. Depression is human state that is reached as a result of pressure, the inability to see how valuable one's efforts have been irrespective of how much they have put in to.

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The Unfairly Segmented

Acceptance of people's flaws and weaknesses is something is something we generally inbued into our character and this is why the world is filled with people who are different, people who does not match the human fleeting attribute of a sound health, complete mental wellness, people who we place mental disabilities on simply because they're physically unable, people who **don't conform** to the standard of our definition of beauty.

People who are unable to relate to the world their internal and external challenges because they're afraid of discrimination. Being different is what no one choses sometimes people are born different, sometimes people are born not how they want but because no one makes the choices to be different is why i'm passing this message.

Happiness is key to survival, its important you create a positive environment for yourself. As a person who feels rather different from the rest of the world you need to create your own space to adore yourself. Self pity is the beginning of sucidal tendencies and the only way to get rid of self pity is to create a sense of purpose and importance to one's self.

It's true that everyone wants to love and be loved its a cyclical process that we all need to feel fufilled first and foremost. In life understanding the principle of self love helps us reach a balanced mental wellness and we begin to see our differences as a challenge that should virtually come with life.


Standing Unique Rather Than Conforming To A Standard

People are suffering diversely and everyone manages to appear cool and radiant and unperturbed; this is a life lesson. Learn to dissociate your issues with your societal life. Sometimes its difficult to accept who we are simply because we don't reach the standard of others and this brings a gloom to one's existence. There's no better say to sugarcoat the fact that life is largely unfair.

We can therefore spend our lifetime placing rhetorics to this unfairness or taking that time to live, exist and create meaning and an impact. If it's the fear of death, everyone dies irrespective of the blockades they have set to prevent this. If it's the fear of being unfairly segmented for being different. Understand that first and foremost life in itself is huge and you can create your own segment where you're king and own your world and let no no deride you.

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My name is @Josediccus, a young Nigerian student who is a Vlogger, A Psychologist, Poet And Sports Writer/Analyst. I'm using my contents as a process to create shared meaning as well as create expressions through which people on/off hive can relate. I believe content is a process to be enjoyed and relished and I'm up for any collaborations in my field stated above. Cheers

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Yes we create our own happiness, it is important to accept ourselves for who we are. Lif is what we make of it. Thank you for answering this question xxx

Im glad I answered too, we definately create our own happiness and feel special in our diverse forms of uniqueness. Thanks for the reply

It is always something that scares a lot of people for them to be the odd one in the midst of many. Normally, this used to be something that is characterized to kids but the recent trend have shown that even adults feel the sense of inferiority whenever they are found one thing in one way or the other in comparison to their peers.

One thing I know is that anyone that exhibits symptoms of self-pity should try as much as possible to overwhelm himself with happiness. Being happy about ourself is the best solution