Glad we are about to be rid of this guy

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Remember when Steven Mnuchin said we won't be talking to him about Bitcoin 10 years from now?

In early 2019 the Treasury Secretary made many crypto fans upset with his flippant and controversial comments towards bitcoin and crypto.

He said that in 10 years we won't be talking to him as Treasury Secretary about bitcoin, and then he laughed afterwards.

Well that was about $25k ago:



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Bitcoin was around $12k when he made those comments and now it's trading in the mid to high $30k's.

But that's not the real victory here.

Sure, it's nice that bitcoin is 200% higher than it was when he made those silly comments, but the real win here for crypto is that he was actually right.

We won't be asking him about bitcoin as Treasury Secretary 10 years from now, and that's because he's out of here.

He was a Trump appointee and he's on his way out in a couple days.

He's gone and bitcoin is still standing. Now that's some sweet victory for crypto and bitcoin!

Plus remember this is the guy that tried to slam through those FinCEN regulations over the holidays with barely any comment period.

Yep, it will be nice to get a new face in there, one that is hopefully more open to crypto.

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