How Many Bitcoins Can I Earn in Coinpayu?

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Coinpayu is a free rewards platform where you can earn cryptocurrency, i.e. bitcoin. The platform pays just for watching advertisements, completing tasks, and doing offers. Probably, you are asking yourself How many bitcoins can I earn in Coinpayu?

How Many Bitcoins Can I Earn in Coinpayu?

Watch Ads

The main source of your income in Coinpayu is watching advertisements. There are 3 types of Ads:

  • Surf Ads
  • Window Ads
  • Video Ads

Surf Ads and Window Ads are almost the same, and the only difference between them is that in window ads, you need to stay on the page until the end. In other words, window ads don't work on the background.

How Many Bitcoins Can I Earn in Coinpayu?

For each advertisement you viewed you get Satoshi tokens. As longer the advertisement so the more Satoshi you earn.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 10,000 Satoshi, which equals around $1.00. Every day Coinpayu provides about 20 Surf Ads, 5 Window Ads and at least 1 Video Ad so that you can earn around 300 Satoshi per day.

Yes, it will take time to earn enough Satoshi to make your first withdrawal if you earn crypto just by viewing Ads. But if you complete offers or refer your friends, you can withdraw the earnings from the service every day. Read about the affiliate program below.

Complete offers

Another way to earn in Coinpayu is by making offers or tasks. There are plenty of different tasks that are provided by Coinpayu partners. For example, you can complete surveys which take around 5-10 minutes and get Satoshi. If you like gambling games, you can try crypto casino from Offer Toro.

complete offers in coinpayu


The commission that you can earn from the affiliate program in Coinpayu is unlimited.

affiliate programme in coinpayu

There 2 types of referrals: Advertisers and Earners. The commission from invited advertisers depend on their sales. As much they spend as much you get.

invite advertisers to coinpayu

Besides, you can invite your friends, who want to earn bitcoin as you do. In that case, your commission depends on your membership level. Of course, it also depends on how active your referrals too.

invite earners to coinpayu


Cryptocurrency became a part of other life, and some of the cryptocurrencies have a very good price. Coinpayu offers different ways to earn your first bitcoin by completing very easy tasks.

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