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RE: Decentralized Finance 101

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Hello, @shortsegments

Thanks for sharing a mini-guide to get started in understanding decentralized finance. I think that the future begins to overwhelm us rapidly. I confess that approaching this new way of operating finances, I am very suspicious of the unscrupulous people that abound in the network. However, I am also convinced that anyone who does not prepare now will regret it in the near future.


Your welcome. You are right that scams and untrustworthy individuals lurk here in cryptocurrency land and this includes DeFi.

I also agree with you that this investment niche is to big to ignore, so we all need to learn about it.

Lastly, while Smart Contracts remove some of the need for trust between parties, you still need to make sure the token projects are sound. I try to stick to well established token projects with a history of a year. It costs me some fantastic returns on brand new high flyers, but saves me from losing all my stake on scams too.

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Very good data of your criteria to assume financial risks when betting on projects.