8 Photos from My Walk Today In Vietnam..

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Another day, another walk, another post... History is a collection of pages that we are the authors of. Write your page, capture your moments, document being.

I'm thankful for the love and life that we can share.

Be well friends. Live well.

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Such lovely photos! 😉👍🏼 are the streets really deserted??

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no the streets aren't that deserted , however they are more empty than they usually are. :)

Hello @jacuzzi, Such a wonderful places where you walked. Gorgeous captures. I heard Vietnam is a perfect destination to the travelers.

yes Vietnam is a remarkable place. People have mixed feelings on it you love it or you don't... I for one do love it , the people the culture are inspirational

great photos!

Thank you my friend @zuerich ❤️🙏 you da'BOMB!

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