Inspirational Monday (4) - Winning Isn't Everything...

Winning isn't everything,.png

"Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is." This epic statement made many years ago by the world-famous Vince Lombardi, holds so much wisdom, value, and truth.

Understanding this simple, yet powerful statement can help to achieve success but still maintain balance in your life. It can help you to achieve the highest level of success without compromising your happiness and health in the process.

If winning becomes an obsession, it can ruin everything for you.

I know there is also another saying...I almost want to call it a "mentality", that says "coming second is only being the first loser".

That means you either win, or you lose...

With such an attitude, there are red lights flashing all over the place. It's all or nothing. This is a recipe for disaster.

Think about formula 1 racing (or any other sport) where a championship is completed over a season. The person (or team) who gets the title of "world-champion" at the end of the season, didn't win every single race.

The answer is in discipline, commitment, and consistency!

Yes, you obviously have to do your training, put in the hours, and be disciplined to perform at your very best. The will must be there to win. That is what you are aiming for. But you cannot be victorious or win every single round or event.

Those times where you don't win are opportunities to learn.

What did my opponent/s do to outwit me? What can I do to improve my own skill or ability? Do I need to change my strategy? Do I need to learn a new skill?

Coming second (or losing a match), gives us the opportunity to learn something. To do some introspection and research. It gives us the opportunity to improve ourselves and return the next time with more dedication and enthusiasm.

It takes me back to a post I wrote last week about positive and negative stress. If winning is everything, it will soon cause negative stress and you will either quit or become a very unhappy, highly stressed person. Soon this will also start having a negative impact on your health.

If, on the other hand, you understand the principle of "winning is not everything, but wanting to win is", you will experience positive stress. This will assist you in performing at your best. You will remain calm, but motivated. You will actually enjoy what you are doing and look forward to it. You will grow as a person while you continue to become better at what you do.

I used sports as an example in this post as this statement originated from the sportsfield. But it's just as applicable in business or in any other area of your life as it is in sports.

So remember, winning is not everything, but wanting to win is!

Next time when someone else beats you at something, don't become depressed, downhearted, or even aggressive... Walk up to that person and congratulate him/her and see what you can learn from him.

Use the experience to improve yourself.