My Deep Dive Into The World Of Altcoins With A Kindred Spirit

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Dear Hivers,

In the last 2 months, I took a respite from blogging and undertook the arduous task of conducting in-depth research into altcoins.

I held engaging discussions with a fellow crypto enthusiast at my workplace, and we found common ground regarding the below altcoins:


We feel that OGN is an altcoin with great potential to succeed due to the following reasons:


We are quite confident that ZIL has bright prospects because of the following factors:

  • World's first sharding blockchain which solves the trilemma- speed, scalability and security

  • An incubation programme known as ZILHive to foster long term growth

  • Mega projects in the pipeline- stablecoin XSGD and HG Exchange

  • Collaboration with Oxford University


My crypto buddy and I have vested a fistful of Singapore dollars into each of the above projects with the quiet confidence that it will transform into a mountain of gold.

Disclaimer: Please do your due diligence before putting hard earned money into the above projects!


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