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RE: [공지]Four-Party Dialogue Proposal (Steem foundation, Tron foundation, Steem witnesses, and Korean community)

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Thank you SCT for taking the initiative in these difficult times. The biggest issue that is repeatedly brought up time and time again, is the power down period. I agree that it should be reduced from the 13 weeks into something more manageable. On this point, everyone will have to make a compromise, but we will get there.

Speaking for myself, I refuse to entertain the notion that certain accounts obtain special power down rights. Furthermore, he has not declared formally which accounts are to be included and I get the feeling it will include his. Regardless, the power-down option is a right granted to ALL of us, written in our own code law, law that is decided by a consensus of yours, mine and our community.

I ask the Steem Foundation, who I nominate @aggroed to attend on behalf of the Steem Foundation, to set up a community vote on what the power-down time should be. For example 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks. That we vote through the comments sections (one person, one vote) as we will be able to weed out bot accounts and newly created ones. On this decision, I don't think stake based voting will be the most efficient. The proposed power-down time with most voted gets enacted by the consensus witnesses and the HF is prepared as such. The witnesses represent us and therefore should honour this vote.

Please be careful of Mr Sun's words, as I am sure you are noticing are becoming conflicting, less truthful and honourable. In my view actions speak louder than words. His actions definitely prove that. Any promises he makes must be released via press release to the international media. Not one, where he will think he can delete on the Steem blockchain or Twitter. It is obvious he values his 'face' value tremendously and making him promise this way will pin himself to it, this for the whole world to see.

I wish you all the best in the negotiations and thank you,



Hi @intrepidsurfer

I am the current chair of the Foundation. @aggroed is the vice -chair and is also a consensus witness. As such, it is best he not represent the Foundation at the meeting. With the discussion anticipated to included discussion about power down lengths, member of the board @guiltyparties will attend on behalf of the Foundation. Should he not be present I will be the backup.

At this time it would not be appropriate for us to set a community poll up in regards to power down time. Once the situation warrants it, should the consensus Witnesses find it would be helpful for us to make that happen, we certain could do so.