My Entry for the #monomad Challenge!


Hello Everyone,
I am coming with my another black & white photography to submit for the #monomad Challenge hosted by @monochromes.

In this picture I was trying to capture the pure love of a mother to her child! Every Mother Loves Her Child. Either she is a human being or other kind of creature.
In this picture a mother dog was taking care of her child in a footpath. Though she was too much tired to find food but always she has been alert about her child.

I was taking a break from cryptocurrency for a month. Now I am back to my Steemit Life. Hope I will be give you some creative content in future. Till then Good bye.

All images, photographs, and content are my own, unless otherwise noted.

Device Details

Device Model Xiaomi MI Note 3 Pro
Camera Details 16MP Rare Camera
Editing App MI Gallery Editor

Thanks to @ntopaz for creating this awesome platform. Another thanks to @monochromes to host the #monomad Challenge. Specially Thanks to @wesphilbin sir for his biggest support.

Thank you,