TGIF - Pistol-packing, Taxi-cabby, Sea-lifey, Cup-of eventful experience

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Hello and welcome to all the readers.

It's friday. A good day at work. Today, i did go out to do my actifit steps and completed it. It does feel good.

Ok, Lets talk about my scavenger hunt.

Today we had 4 occupants at listopia.

  • pistol-packing-mama
  • taxicabhits
  • sealifehits
  • cupoftraffic

Pistol-packing-mama was the first occupant i visited. Surfed 44 pages and found luke.
Taxicabhits was the second occupant i visited. Surfed 48 pages and found luke.
Sealifehits was the third occupant i visited. Surfed 80 pages and found luke.
Cupoftraffic was the fourth occupant i visited. Surfed 48 pages and found luke.
Finally, i visited Taxicabhits again. Surfed 48 more pages and found luke.
Thus ending the scavenger hunt.

  1. 30-04-21-lukeisAlive-01.JPG

  2. 30-04-21-lukeisAlive-02.JPG

  3. 30-04-21-lukeisAlive-03.JPG

  4. 30-04-21-lukeisAlive-04.JPG

  5. 30-04-21-lukeisAlive-05.JPG

Are you interested in doing scavenger hunt ??

thank you for reading my post.

Have a nice day.

Farhad Kias

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Well done completing the Scavenger Hunt Farhad, you have earned 6 tickets for the daily and weekly drawing.

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