fungi macros #297

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Some fresh macro photos from this week for #mushroommonday by @balticbadger

Young tree fungi on a (birch) deadwood.

Oysters sp., maybe?



One of the most well-spread here polypore tree fungi.



Amanita phalloides, I think (Бледная поганка)

photo copyright by @qwerrie


@ewkaw, look -- I've met Amanita phalloides today! conducted two macro sessions with it (two, cause initially the light was no good). and, one may say, that I used a bottle on it :) need to make some focus stacking job on the pictures... not sure if i will be ready up to this Friday, so sharing one pic rn!

Very cool one! Don't think I have seen those.
But... that photo with snail and lots of tiny mushrooms rocks :)

I loved this subject, thats for sure!
as for that shroomed stump, I just... damn, when theres no good light I become too picky for the pictures! not sure I enjoyed my results -- even though the snail came to help me... 8-)

Second ones are definitely oysters. Those weird snail ones are interesting, never seen those before.

Second ones are definitely oysters.

thanx for confirmation. i was 99% sure about it too. (the trunk was spruce btw). the sad thing -- they stopped growing and started aging on the very 2nd day! so, no big harvest, no fried potatoes with shroomssss :((((

Yeah you have to bring the spray bottle to feed them before they dry up. Sadly it hasn't rained here in a while too and the oysters have dried up.

I did it, dripped that stump with water. didnt help much..