Some Paintings I'm Putting Up For Sale! Plus Going On A Trip For A Couple Weeks.

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Been so restless this year with Covid and all that. Even more alienated from people all around. So it's time to take a break to on an adventure! Even though things are still tight and scary. Been thinking. of some items I could sell. Thought of all these paintings I've done!! If that goes well I will make more! When I get back from the trip I want to set up at a reputable online store.

Was also thinking of trying to flip books too. I bought one for 2 dollars today, I got a good deal, just have to figure out the shipping costs to see if it's worth it. I'm a book guy so I could feel comfortable trying that. Ya I want to get into painting again after taking pictures of these. Sold a couple locally in the past, also gave 1 or 2 away.

I'd say prices $40-400 range in Canadian dollars. Got 4 that are 16x20, a 10x8, 12x10, 12x14, 24x36, 20x16, 22x28. Plus some shipping and package cost. Going on a trip for 2 weeks, was thinking of putting them up on a reputable site when I get back.

I will document the trip! I've been feeling better lately too, I think this is the perfect time to get out. Will be doing lots of camping and only visiting a few people while following all Covid protocols.

I like these style of paintings because they can be hung uni-directional! A couple of them glow in the dark a little bit too. Comment below to let me know what you think or if you have any interest!! I am excited to try something new and go more with my passions! I've had enough of the negativity around, want to get creative and have fun

Also what I am doing is delving into my experimental music too!! I may make some new interesting sound experiments when traveling. Was thinking of bringing a guitar and mike too! Here are some of my music links to find the sound on various platforms. Current project is called Synthesis Underground

Latest Single

plus other places to dig up the Synthesis Underground sounds!!