Shadow Hunters Contest- Round 153 Horseback riding

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No horses where harm taking this picture! This is the beach of the province of Zeeland in the Netherlands. Yest that looks like the name New Zealand and that's correct. The Ducht explorer name the country because he was the first European explore to set food on!
The structure on the beach is a breakwater so that the waves of the north sea don't take away to many sand.


Ik don't really know if this is the best way of this picture, horse shadow up.
I have many different pictures of this place, maybe i have to turn it like this one.


DJI_0388 (2).jpg

I cut of the water of the north sea, maybe it beter now?


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Incredible shadow photos! I did not know of the Dutch/New Zealand connection. Thanks for entering the Shadow Contest again, It's always a joy to see your photos.

Maybe i have to make some post about the history of the Netherlands! Even the dark side of our history.

That would be really interesting! I hope I don't miss it. I get so caught up in birds and shadows that I miss a lot of good stuff.

Beautiful photo and shadow. It's interesting and different, you broke the standard. I congratulate you and it has content. Very original.

that's a very big compliment! Thank you so much.

All the shadows are very interesting, and the horse shadow is unbelievably beautiful! Thank you for the pleasure to see your photos.

It was so lucky they were walking over there :D