King of Cats digital painting

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king cat (458).jpg

King of Cats

hello friends , do you like to have a cat or a dog at home? personally i like cats more , because they have nice personality and they are calm, most of time they sleep and it is not annoying, i had a black cat before she was awesome , today i paint a king cat , loved his papion red and blue

i hope you enjoy to watch my painting

i paint a free picture


let's start

i draw lines with a normal hard brush and then color it in other layers
first i color the body in separate layers ,add the background in the last step

king cat (459).jpg

king cat (460).jpg

king cat (457).jpg

king cat (461).jpg

king cat (462).jpg

king cat (456).jpg

king cat (458).jpg

thanks for watching , wish you a wonderful day ! ! :)