Yuri Gagarin; the coolest cosmonaut ever. CCC’S Street Art Competition #38

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Taking a break from climbing through windows in Kaliningrad, I was actually trying to find a chemist that understood what a “blister plaster” was.

I had foolishly been wearing some new trainers, and they had been rubbing the backs of my heels. I was in agony, have you ever experienced it ? It was that bad the blisters on both feet had themselves worn away. Fuck you Adidas I’m going back to North Face.

I was staying close to the zoo, which was surrounded by streets, I found a chemist, and through exposing my wounds eventually managed to get what I wanted. The lady even put the plasters on for me, now that is customer service!

So off I went I’m glad I did.


One of my boyhood heroes. I followed the exploits of the USSR space programme. I still love all things Russian.

Here are some more, in my opinion not nearly as good they seem a bit corporate




I do love this last one though

I stumbled across a simple line drawing........


......... and what looks like a shadow!


Street art in its simplest most gorgeous form.


I was in need of liquid refreshment, I found a bar, directly opposite this rainy street scene, very cleverly done, very atmospheric, bloody fantastic.

3 beers later I forgot all about my poor hurting feet!
Cheers everyone


Space race hero's, expressive graffiti found while hunting out that plaster, then nursing the pain after with a !BEER or two or three...

Beer always helps 😂

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I know how sore those blisters canbe @grindle, glad you found some plasters, love the street art. Thanks for sharing.

You’re welcome,

Great selection... What courage at that time to go in space (still today), respect 🙏

Beer is the best medicine 😀

Thanks for sharing these pics on The StreetArt Community.

Love beer lol 😂

That line drawing is brilliant as the other street artwork as well! Hope that blister heals soon @grindle.

Cheers @lizelle fighting fit !
Sometimes the simple stuff in life is so rewarding

awesome artworks. thx for sharing.

You’re welcome