Rural Urbex. Just another Welsh Cottage.

in Urban Exploration3 months ago

I think I missed the boat with this one.


Not much left to admire in this tiny crofters bungalow, tucked away in wildest Wales.




Mostly empty rooms with the odd bit of treasure left. Not one of the best I have ever done.











Everyone loves a babycham


Still soem interesting stuff that got left behind!

And the place is in pretty good nick, looks like someone could clean it up a bit and move on in.

Yes the building itself seemed quite sturdy, ready for someone to renovate, it had quite a sizeable plot of land too

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A lot more left than some of the slums I visit!


Wow, it looks like some of those treasures that were left actually look like they may now be treasure...

What a cool find!

Thank you weird how some things are just left and forgotten about

Yeah, really freakin weird...


Some renovation and this cottage it could easily be a lovely warm home once again.

Old roman looking vase behind the cup looks interesting, some nice quirky ornaments, possible Delft pieces.

One man's junk another may desire, pity too many places are becoming run down.

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Yes rundown and left, can’t understand why mementos like this are left behind.

Wow, somebody left some Wedgewood pottery

Yes seems like !

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