'Labbed' - New Original Music - A Quick Creation w/ Spitfire LABS Instruments - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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This is a creation from last night

Track 2, LABS: Frozen Strings, Harmonic Violin
that happened while I was spaced out watching some Netflix. It's only 4 tracks, all of which using various instruments from Spitfire Audio's free LABS library. I didn't really mix anything, so there are a few points where some of the higher pitched harmonic swells get a little too much, but overall it wound up sounding pretty cool. I'll probably spend some more time actually focused on it and see what happens, and share the results here. I started with Track 1, using the Frozen Strings pack, specifically the cello, and mapped out the progression pictured below, made up of two sections. The A part (in Blue) begins on our tonic of D (we're in D minor) with a D5, down to a C5, back to D5, then a Bb/G (which with the other instruments outlines a Gmin7). I wanted to try something a little more interesting than just sticking to a diatonic progression, so I figured I'd try and start the B section on F, so it feels like we've moved up to the bIII, but then would have a sort of Lydian vibe instead of a straight major sound. After this, however, things get a little weirder, dropping down a whole step to an Eb, then back to the F lydian thingy, before a Gmajor, which acts as the IV, and takes us back to the top of the A part, with both parts repeating again.

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Track 1, A and B Parts (LABS: Frozen Strings, Cello)

Listen to Labbed here...

Track 2 uses another of the Frozen Strings, the harmonic

Polyverse Wider, totally free plug-in
violin, which has a really interesting timbre. As you hold a note, and increase the dynamics, it begins to warp from a regular string sound into a high pitched harmonic, which I really like. This needs to be EQ'd a bit, as its a little too intense at points, but the general idea is there. Track 3 uses one of the 'Tape Orchestra' instruments, the 'Wood Hollow', which is a woodwind sound that has been passed through various tape effects. This helps fill in the chord tones, and adds another timbre to the tune, which helps to provide some more motion, even over single note sections. Finally, we have Track 4, also from the Tape Orchestra, using the 'Vox Humana' instrument. This was a vocal sample at some point, though it doesn't really sound like that anymore. Again, mostly just adding more harmony lines and filling things in. I used one of the new free plug-ins I mentioned yesterday on a few of these tracks, Polyverse's Wider, which is a great way to get things to feel bigger in the stereo field. I've linked the website below the image to the left of this paragraph.

Hope you dig it!

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