'The Hidden' - Flower Event in Rak Dok, Thailand (Part 2)

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Hello fellow photography enthusiasts and professionals! Today I'll share the second part of the photos we took in 'The Hidden' with Nat. If you missed the part 1 - click here to check it out. We'll continue right where we left off. This post may be even heavier on the photo count, but I don't want to make too many posts just for this one place.

The Hidden


This tent scene was right in front the white hanging flowers from my previous post. There were a few props you can play around left inside and around it - A lantern, Flowers and a few chairs. In a lot of the scenes they left props or things people can move to make their photos more unique, which was quite nice.

This next one is right beside the main purple scene with the lake around it. You can see the lake in the background. I really liked this place but don't think I managed to capture the great shot I was fishing for.

This place was pretty interesting. The thing Nat's laying in is actually a bath tub that's surrounded by all these bushes and flowers.

The whole place was giving me Alice in Wonderland vibes but when we got to this scene right here I was sure they definitelly got some inspiration from it.

This was a very small side scene that could easily be missed or mistaken for part of one of the coffee shops, because it was right outside the fitting rooms and surrounded by coffee chairs and tables.


This place is right in the center of everything. It is right infront when you first enter and where the road splits - to the right you go to the coffee shops and to the left, where the queues for different spots are.

This is very similar to the bath tub one but this time it is a boat.


This was one of the few places we managed to get photos from the first time we went to 'The Hidden'. Mainly because it has 2 sides and we went on a smaller queue on the wrong side.. Still worked out.

And I guess for the final photo I'll insert myself too. Didn't really take many picture of myself given the nature of the place.

Turns out there were 2 extra spots that were outside of the main premises of 'The Hidden' that we didn't get to see. Nat already changed out of her dress when we saw the signs for them. It took quite a while to go through everything anyways and we were both tired already and had a whole day at the office ahead of us straight after. With that, our visit to 'The Hidden' is over. I hope you enjoyed the photos. They were all taken with a Panasonic Lumix G7, using a 14-42mm kit lens.

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