Potta La Motta - Skibidubap (Fitness dance)

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Easy fitness dance choreography.
Potta La Motta - Skibidubap

Take a break once in a while and move your body. At least one minute break every 30 minutes.

Usually my 55 minute fitness dance class has about 12 to 15 songs in it. The songs are arranged that way that the tempo and / or the heaviness of the movements gradually increase during the class. A quick drink after every third song if you want. The first song of the three song set is always physically somehow a bit easier than the two following it. Slower tempo, no jumps or choreography that may require a bit more thought which usually means that your heartbeat stays lower than in easier choreography or with jumps.

When dancing I recommend that you always do the movements according to your own body. If you do not want to or can't jump or do twists, don't do those. Do something else that does not risk you getting hurt. If there are steps or movements that you can't figure out how they are done, don't sweat about it. It's not important if you get the steps or the choreography right, what is important is that you're having fun and sweating because you move. If the steps are too easy for you, you can always invent and add your own moves or jump even if I don't.

Gradually I'll add one song at a time here and give them a number meaning in which order they are meant to be danced so that you get a full 60 minute fitness dance program, but of course ultimately it's totally up to you which ones you want to dance and in which order. I do recommend though that you always start with an easy, a bit slower song just to let your body warm up before leaps or any other quick moves.

This song is meant to be the first song of the program. Easy, slower tempo and nothing too complicated. Always start with something easy before jumping or harder moves that require your body to be warm. This could also be a cooldown song, but I preferred it to be a warm up as it's a bit too short for a the last song before stretches.


01_Potta La Motta - Skibidubap
02_Christinemarie - Love Comes Close
03_Lawrence Beamen - Round And Round
07_Go Mordecai - All We Got
08_Nathan Brumley - What My Momma Knew
10_Wea - Mentira
15_Ellen Oakes Kerr - Sweet Summertime