Matcha and Sakura Specials at Mister Donut

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Hi hivers. How are you?

One thing I enjoy doing, is looking at seasonal specials. My boys and I passed by Mister Donut, a donut shop, and noticed they had some matcha and sakura treats.


We bought two donuts. We tried one of the specials and a strawberry flavored donut. Even though sakura is “big” now, it’s still strawberry season and that will continue even when sakura season is out.

The special was like a sandwich. Inside was some cream and mochi coated with kinako powder. They were delicious.

Cheers to spring.


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Thank you. 😃

You're welcome @fruityfruitz 😊🌹 happy weekend!


Hello @fruityfruitz How are you? I love doughnuts, but I had to give them up because of my Type 2 Diabetes. The ones I loved the most were called Cinnamon Twists and Apple Fritters. They have apple in the middle. So good.

Thanks for sharing your post.

I hope you join us in the Saturday Savers Club. I'd like to sponsor you for 1 month to see if you like it and choose to continue. 30 days should equal about 5 Hive saved. If you agree, I'll transfer you 5 Hive so you can get started. I'm doing this to encourage you to put away a bit for a rainy day. If you agree, let me know.

Also, thank you so much for deciding to Follow my journey on Hive. I appreciate it very much.

Hi @justclickindiva. I love cinnamon and I can imagine those apple fritters must had been good. Health comes first eh. I’m sure you made a good decision.
I eat donuts/doughnuts but don’t usually have a craving for them.

Thank you for the encouragement. Sounds like a good initiative. Let me look into a bit and get back to you. 😃
Thanks again for stopping by.