Stacking scarcity

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Cardboard has been on a rage last year and I do not expect it to really slow down.

As a couple of Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh cards even beating crypto in ROI. As in crypto there are pullbacks but I think cardboard is here to stay for a while as the big daddy Magic is making new highs for over 20 years.

This card is the big dog in my collection and I paid a lot of money for it, it made me feel stupid, but if I would decide to sell you would have to feel 250 % stupider if you want to take it off my hands.

On the big marketplace in Europe are 53 offered at the moment and if you buy the cheapest 3 you drive the price up over 20% already. It is not 100% certain how many exist in which condition.

2019 Perth Mint Black Flag


My favorite series in coins. I paid a little bit over spot when it was released.

Yesterday I saw a sell on a facebook group for 80€ which is a bit shy of 4 times the amount I paid. The coin has a mintage of 15k and was an absolute hit worldwide.

The second release was already way different as the dealers knew about the popularity and fomo and jacked up the prices...and it still sold quickly. I am curious to see what will happen with release Nr 3.

I was able to get 5 rolls from the first release without much trouble but had no chance getting this many with the second one.

I love collecting and the investing and flipping within the hobby and it teaches supply and demand so clearly like nothing else for me.

There will be only 21 Million Bitcoin and many are already lost and many more will be lost in the next 100 years when the last Bitcoin will be mined.

We are already experience a rush into a very scarce asset but it is much harder to grasp for most even when it is the easiest to track.

With the money printer still going buurh it is tough to say where the journey goes even after this much growth.

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Count me in on anything Perth Mint with four Nines over any card, except for maybe anything Mickey Mantle, @flipstar.sports. Thanks for showing, @flipstar.sports on #silvergoldstackers.

noted ;-)

Nice Workshop.
How long ago did you buy it?

I remember opening those in packs.

I agree I think cards like that are great investments.

around 1 year ago.

Wow you are a real OG. I started playing with Ice age but stopped quickly after my friends moved on to other stuff.

Did you play through all that time or did you have breaks as well?

You still have self pulled Workshops, that adds a whole new layer of coolness and nostalgic to it.

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I played up until Time Spiral with no breaks.

you still a collector?

A bit mostly old stuff
I have moved into graded lately
My prize (it is a personal not high dollar) is an Alpha Gem Min 9.5 Lord of the Pit
and a GEM Min 10 Library of Alexandria that I opened way back in the day and had sealed in a high end case once i pulled it and finally had graded in 2012.

Prices have gone crazy the last few years.
I still hunt for cards and now Pokemon cards at garage sales in the summer ;)

Wow those are some pretty awsome cards. I don`t think I have ever seen a 10 Library on the market even.

I was planning on going on flea markets etc but you know...covid :-(

Did you still have good finds? I would feel everything has been picked

Yeah everyone always thinks everything is picked and
then some old collection pops up.

I know there is no 10 Libraries on the market.
I have quite a few friends form our days playing that have an amazing amount of things that are not on the market.

There are good finds still but I think we are about 5 - 10 years away from more of them hitting the market.

I pick/collect a lot of old things and they go in waves.

That is just my view of the markets, other people have other views.

I will try my luck as soon as I can be on a flea market as I am starting to collect more stuff they become more intersting again

Get it sleeved, some dust may rest on it.. and scratch it! Nice one.. I have nothing like this except for an Unlimited Time Vault I found in a junk collection years ago.

that is a sick find....

it is sleeved and save this was actually one of the pictures the seller send to me.

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I should go through my Pokemon cards then, I used to buy all the Japanese ones from the kids as they were rare.
That was a nice buy on them coins, I guess I should look at the market more instead of just stacking them.

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nothing wrong with just stacking but I enjoy play with the market. Also if you still buy or trade you are kind of forced to know the market at least a bit.

All you need is that black lotus.

hopefully one day

I've been trying to find all my cards but I can't get my hands on them. I had some 2003-2005 era.

you starting to play again?

I just want to collect a d maybe get some graded

BTW, the Royal Fortune is 2020!

oh shit used the wrong picture.

thank you

ah shit used a wrong picuture. I was talking about the Queen`s Annes Revenge