Reality is a severe problem with liberals

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I am not going to defend the History Channel show "pawn stars", I've included it in the meme to show more background that head shrinking was an actual practice-which is what Disney uses in their famous Trader Sam. in 2018, a John Chau went as a Christian missionary to a remote island to spread the Good word to an isolated Tribe. He was killed on the spot, and the liberals responded with "he deserved [it]". I'd really hate to be a travelling door to door salesman or a Jehovah's witness if they really think that...hmm, no wonder police occifers are quick to kill boy scouts answering the door who are armed with only Nintendo wii controllers.

Liberals are offended by depictions of reality that upsets their ideals of tolerance; But when the reality of these cultures manifest against a Christian missionary, suddenly they let their guard down and start to celebrate and welcome them. Consider that their ideals for tolerance is just part of a darker mask, and that as we see in other context they take great delight in people they don't like (whites, conservatives, and Christians) dying.

I am not really sure that including the pawn stars part was necessary in the meme attempt. So I made an alternate version by chopping it off.


Maybe I could make a version with less text.


Maybe I am just not good at attempting to make memes.


far use of "trader sam", from user FigmentJedi,,

screen shot of pawnstars youtube video, pawnstars

Photograph of John Chou

Photograph of a man with the Sentinelese tribe aim[ing] his bow and arrow at an Indian coast guard helicopter
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