BTC buy for December

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Another month has passed and my deposit of 150 arrived on my Lykke wallet for my monthly BTC buy/sell action.

keep on stacking

I have a monthly budget of 150 CHF that is available to buy Crypto and have made a spreadsheet that tells me wether to buy or to sell in that month.

Since I have started this in august the BTC price has only gone down so for the moment the rules force me to buy the full amount every month. In this case that means that I am averaging in every month. At some point the price will either go up and I will have to sell or the averaging down will be so big that I have to sell as well.

As you can see I have put in 900 CHF so far but till now the value is 774.18 which is a decent loss on paper.

The plan is to keep investing the same amount every month irrespective of the BTC price. If the BTC price goes up I sell the amount I have till a maximum of 150 CHF. But then I have 150CHF spare to buy more steem.

For the moment the way the price is looking I will be buying another 150 next month...

What do you think?

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I stacked some at 6950 just the other day. Was a nice entry price for me. I sold part of that position at 7300 and kept the cash ready for a similar swing, but took the other part and moved it to long-term storage.

voted 50% for the last writing contest. Congrats on the win in that week!

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thanks for the vote...

And I am limited (self imposed) by my monthly bank deposit so I have to buy at the same time every month. That makes it easier but also might make me miss some dips

I have read a variety of forecasts that ensure that this year you could see a notable increase in cryptocurrency prices, I do not usually rely blindly on auguries, but it seems that the analyzes coincide to a large extent, so I think that accumulate when prices still They have not increased is always a good idea.

On the other hand, from my limited experience, speculative investment to generate quick profits is always attractive, 'but I think it is fatal for blockchain development projects, so I always support actions like the one you do when you accumulate your cryptocurrencies and To some extent show a strong level of confidence in these as an investment.

A comment to the margin that I want to ask, or rather a question, in the image of the spreadsheet I see in the first column the values: 2.08 - 2.09 - 2.11 - 31.11 - 29.11 - 4.01. Is that 29.11 is perhaps 29.12? It just caught my attention that it seems out of chronological order and I thought it could be a typing mistake.

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Please allow me to share with you link to our latest article, where we're explaining our economy and our goals. Your feedback and comment would be greatly appreaciated.

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