First time bloomer - Gasteria glomerata

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Gasteria glomerata flower 3.jpg

What an adorable little succulent! As much as I really like when plants grow big and lush, I really like those little ones more. Its because of the limited space and less work repotting or moving them around. They just fit anywhere :)

This little guy finally bloomed for me for the first time!

Gasteria glomerata

Gasteria glomerata flower 4.jpg

Gasteria glomerata flower 5.jpg

Gasteria glomerata flower 6.jpg

It is native to South Africa and like other, related plants (Aloe and Haworhia) it will enjoy similar care. Typically for succulents - not too much water or direct sun. It does enjoy more shaded, but bright spots.

I have it for about 3 years or so and I received it as a single little plant. It got this little green pot (I think it is 7cm across) to start growing and only now it needs to be repotted to something slightly bigger. Comparing to the other Gasteria that I have, with huge, and sharp leaves - this one is a true miniature.
The largest leaves on this plant are maybe 4cm in length, while on the big one are probably 12 cm.

Gasteria glomerata flower 2.jpg

I was expecting the flowers to look like this, as the big sister blooms every year and they look like that too. Interestingly, the flowers stems of course are different in length (about 15 cm vs about 80cm on the big one), but the flowers are about the same size. This makes them look kind of nicer on the smaller one. There is of course less of them, but they seem big comparing to the tiny plant.

You may have noticed that the flowers are not open yet on the photos. There is not gonna be much of a difference though since it is only a tiny little opening at the end of the flower. Just enough to sneak in some small insect, or one with a long tongue.
I just didn't want to miss it, so shot them few days too early :p

Gasteria glomerata flower 1.jpg

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos and text are my own.

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Oh, what an interesting one! Even if the flowers are not fully open, they are beautiful :) And the shape of the green leaves is lovely.

Maybe you can repeat to shots if they are open in a few days, although you say that not a big difference. But for the record, as it is the first time it blooms :)

Thank you :)

I might... even though the flowers are nothing special to me. I like the leaves more. And there are other plants blooming that are much cuter! :D I shoot those.


For me, the flowers resemble flamingos here :D the colour and the shape... even that long thin stem is like the leg of that bird.
There are always some cuter ones, but those not so cute deserve some attention too 😅



Strange looking pots of flowers! But they have such nice colour!

Yea that colour really pops! :)

Three years before it bloomed. Wow that's quite a long time. But it was worth it. That last photo is just perfect. Poster perfect!

Yea.. they take their time..

Mine are also blooming now :-)

it's so pretty.
The flowers are so strange, I just saw something like this.
Thank you for sharing your love.

indeed little ones are cool...even though if this one here looks a bit strange it's looking cool at the same time...
But you made some awesome photos🙃

These guys are class, looks like a family of little bird heads searching for a lost worm 🪱