Graphic cityscape in Totma

in Urban Exploration3 months ago

Everyone saw the usual Totma, and I did too. I come here so often that it's time to find something special in this place. The city is unique in its atmosphere, architecture, but I've seen it all many times and, moreover, reshoot it.

So I started looking for graphic plots. There was very little time allotted to me for this.

Roughly speaking, I managed to walk only two streets.

But even that was enough for something new to emerge.

In Totma, I have not yet had time to understand this.

Everything everywhere has a limit and graphic plots are also exhaustible.

But I'm not tired of photographing them yet!

I have not yet gone all the way to the end, when the photographic image becomes like a painting.

I just strive for this. I think that all photographers strive for this.

It's strange, it seems that the task of photography is to reflect reality...but everyone strives for art.

Everyone strives to take this reality and distort it as much as possible.