Courtyard spaces. The center of Vologda. Part 8

in Urban Exploration3 months ago

There will be many more posts about the center of Vologda, because it is divided into many small quarters, and occupies a rather large area. Plus, the center is very diverse and interesting in terms of pictures.

In terms of the number of posts, the center was already equal to the 5th microdistrict, but there was a different situation...I just live there and I wanted to capture every corner.

Do you know what I'm afraid of? That my lot is photographing courtyards!

After all, it is with the help of them that I immerse myself as much as possible into the depths of my consciousness and the study of the world order. And this is the main goal of all mankind.

And I'm afraid it because this is how I captured Veliky Ustyug - the city in which I lived before Vologda. And then I left.

And very soon I will reshoot all the courtyards of Vologda. So, I’m facing a move again?

And I don't even ask where and how, because if the system needs it, it will create all possible circumstances for it to happen.

But these are just suspicions...

And to reshoot the entire city, you need at least another year.

To avoid moving, I can try to shoot the same yard spaces at different times of the year.

But all the same, a point will come when all the plots have already been exhausted.

And repetition of oneself is stagnation, marking time in one place, a dead end in development.

If you are friends with the system, then it will lead you out of the impasse, and if you do not get along with it, you will get earful.

To avoid getting thrashed, you need to keep growing. That is, constantly leaving your comfort zone.

...I walked almost every day by this place for a whole year, and only now I discovered a tunnel here!

How so? Why did I not pay attention to this place at all during the day?

Once again I am convinced, but you need to look into any courtyard, even if it does not seem to attract attention.

In this case, you don't have to judge by the cover.

From the whole center, I only walked two thirds. Oh, there will be many more interesting things to come!

To be continued...