Monochromatic landscape in acrylic paint (Practice relaxing and releasing stress)

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A few days ago I was practicing with brushes and acrylic paints. One of those arts that came out best for me is this one I present to you. Well, I have to get back to practice with the pulse and pressure of the brushes and paints. Besides, I can't get the brand of paint I used to use and I only found this one that is not of very good quality, but it's good to practice.

The materials I used are: black cardboard, brushes, acrylic paint, white school pencil.

The pictures were taken with my AMMGO phone.

I made the editions with MediBang Paint Pro.

Step by Step

With the brush I first made the silhouette of the tree and outlined it, then I gave small touches to resemble the foliage.

I made the clouds with my finger. I put my finger a little bit into the acrylic paint, then I pressed and dragged on the cardboard

I made a semicircle to resemble the full moon.

I fill the moon with white, leaving a small shadow. Then I made the mountains, in the shape of triangles, and put some snow on it.

I colored with the white school pencil the rest of the paint without reaching the edges.

Now you can see in the next GIF the process of elaboration.


Painting is a good way to relax and release stress.

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Hi @equipodelta, I like it, here in Colombia we use a saying that says: Today I am so bored, I am going to paint a forest and I am going to lose myself in it, I am going to get lost today in one of those, your work inspires me to paint it
Good post my dear friend

Hahaha! Oh my!.. First time I read that, I didn't know, it was very funny, you know why? Because I got lost drawing hahaha.

I'm glad you like it, thanks for supporting me. <3

Hasta a mi me relajo ver tu obra 😊💖

Oh vaya! muchas gracias papitas :) me alegra mucho haber logrado eso.

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