Words of the Week - Absolution, Blatant, Ensconce, and Laceration (Video Included)

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We shared some great words on @definitions this week. Our words of the week are:

  • Absolution
  • Blatant
  • Ensconce
  • Laceration

Check out this video to practice listening and to hear how the words are pronounced with an American English accent.

Definitions and Example Sentences

Absolution (Noun) - forgiveness,pardon, or release

  • The people of the kingdom protested when the King offered absolution to the criminal
  • Absolution may remove the punishment, but it does not guarantee that the criminal has changed.

Blatant (adjective) - obvious

  • His blatant disregard for traffic laws caused the accident.
  • The blatant lie caused more distrust between the members of the family.

Ensconce (Verb) - establish firmly in a position

  • After her reelection, the politician was ensconced as the opposition party leader.
  • The businessman plans to ensconce his son as the newest vice president in his company.

Laceration (Noun) - a cut

  • The doctor covered the man's laceration with a bandage.
  • People are more likely to die from infection than the actual laceration.


Write the words of the week in one or more sentences. I will stop by to give you feedback on the sentences you write.

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I wish people weren't so ensconced in their political beliefs that government should rule over us. People should be left freedom to make their own decisions, not dictated to!


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Here my homework:
Absolution: Bob got an absolution of all charges
Blatant: The answer to that question was blatant
Ensconce: SORRY! I didn't quite understand the use of this word
Laceration: He fell off the bike and suffered some lacerations

Ensconced can be compared to a religion in some sorts. Most people who are religious are ensconced in their beliefs, meaning they can't be changed.

Thanks for reply


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