Indoor Grow Diary Day 183 - Off-Grid Solar Powered LED Grow - Cuttings Day 7

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Hey folks, Graham here again with another update on the off-grid grow.

All the cuttings are still looking really healthy so we should be looking at a decent success rate. 😉


The heat could become a problem here soon though.! I need a fan really.!


Even though we had a light on the plants at night a couple have went into bud.!!!
This is the Peyote Critical and she smells amazing. Kushy but Piney !




These plants are looking really healthy now after a good feed and they have recovered well from getting chopped up for the cuttings twice. 😉

Peace, G.

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looking good man....

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Thanks man.....😉

Dam that's a nice crop out side, We are still getting freezing temps here. Still can't plant outdoor plants.

Yeah man...they are hardcore little plants with some amazing genetics....
making it right through the winter without a grow light is impressive 😉

were lucky here coz we get the African weather coming up from Morocco. 😥
Were in the hottest part of Spain..

Nice that is always good, We are still getting frost in the Morning here. Though this is not normal 🤣