How i fix His Broken Mouse

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Unexpected situations most times forms a great disappointment sometimes and if one is not careful, it can cease our day.

When got to the office yesterday, while i was trying place my hands of a few things in the office, mistakenly i fell my mouse of the floor and the things scattered. It was really devastating cause i thought that i have to go get another mouse but then on a second thought, i decided to just give my luck a try.


Before now, i used to have difficulties getting the mouse to function well as it is supposed to... does it mean that after the fall that it would function well... well let just check that out. The image above shows the state of my mouse after the fall.


Sometimes just little things like dust could be the we would end up spending so much money just to gets our gadget working again. For me i think the fall was a better opportunity for me to get to check out what was really wrong with my mouse that the scroll wheel wasn't working again.


I do not really enjoy using the drag pad of my laptop like i enjoy using an external mouse because it is quite easy and very sensitive as such i needed to fix it up.


First of all i began by blowing off the dust that was inside it and just like i said earlier on, just the simplest thing like dust could be the reason why you would throw something worth a jewel away.


Every part in a mouse is very important and you might likely not get your mouse work again if the least thing like you prism is not well fixed and so after blowing off the dust, i made sure that the prism was placed well to be able to access the LED light inside it.
Now in the process, i realize that without the prism, your mouse cursor will not move to the direction you want it to.


After that i had to place the board. now if you don't place your prism in a way it can access light from the little LED bulb attached to the mouse, you wouldn't have your mouse working again. So i made sure i pay attention to that.

The good thing about this mouse is that it didn't have any board problem, so after replacing everything i place, i just had to screw it back to have a strong and better mouse.


Now i told us that the scroll wheel wasn't working and all the happened was that it had shifted a little from where it was suppose to be that made it miss the contact point from the rolling head and i had forgotten to tell you that my right click button was too stiff that i almost need harmer to help it respond but that God it is all working perfectly now after the repairs.


You don't have to be scared... i could help you repair you mouse that are not working anymore just send them down and i will get them fixed for you.

Thanks for reading through my blog.


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