Cause and Effect.

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Positive or Negative Consequence.

It is well known that every cause has an effect, while every effect has a cause. And according to the Kybalion, everything happens in accordance with the law, and luck is but a consequence of it.


To understand this principle, we would have to start by knowing that everything we are living in the present has been generated at some point. That is, it is something that we have created consciously or unconsciously. When we say that something happens to us by chance, we are only referring to a law that we do not know and to which we are subject, because that was an event that we had to live through because of something that we had done before.

It is interesting to think that everything pleasant and enjoyable that happens to us is a product of our good actions, but when bad times come, we refuse to accept them. Often complaints come, and we are diverted from understanding that bad spells are also part of our consequences.

This happens because we do not know, mainly, that the negative is part of our evolutionary life.

It is said that what doesn't kill makes us strong, and indeed, from the problems, the difficulties, the calamities, we take strength. However, this principle gives us the answer by explaining to us why they happened, which responds to the fact that there are many planes of causation, some come from a long time ago and are asleep in the memory.

In addition, genetically we receive the influence of our parents, to that we add the influence of four grandparents and, if we continue, we see that we also receive the influence of eight great-grandparents. So, this chain continues infinitely. We are also influenced by the society we grew up in, the religion we practice, the educational institutions we attend, the workplaces, the clubs, the friends around us, and so on. These are just a few examples to indicate that there are many planes of causation and we are the result of the sum of all of them.

We call planes of causation the places, people and events that have taught us a mental pattern or belief that we take as true.


But we have also been endowed with free will, which means that we have the opportunity to choose our thoughts. This is where our true power lies, and this is how we take control of our lives. To do this, we must analyze the body of information we have received throughout our existence, and consciously select what we want to keep in our minds. In this process we have to be tough and objective in contemplating what our parents, grandparents, and other people we have lived with think or think. It is also convenient to remember what we used to think years ago. There is always an opportunity for change.

In this thought selection process we should be responsible and avoid falling into the role of victim at all times. For most, it is easier to blame someone or something for unhappiness than to take responsibility for dissatisfaction. We must remember that everything that happens on the outside is reflecting our internal state. When something external causes us dissatisfaction or pain, it is only reminding us that we have a wound to heal.

It is usually advisable to investigate the origin of the present situations. If you are living a moment of loneliness, it is not because you are unlucky and cannot find anyone suitable for you. That loneliness has a meaning in your life, it is a lesson you must learn.

The apparent injustices we see in daily life find their foundation in this principle. There are people who have done a lot of good in the past and now they have to live out their reward. These people are perceived as lucky. On the other hand, there are others who have made many mistakes, have broken certain universal laws and are now caught up in problems and difficulties. That is why people are born poor, sick or unlucky, while others are born healthy, in a comfortable home with good opportunities, as many of these consequences come from past lives.

However, no matter what the appearance or situation we live in, we all come to the planet with the sole function of healing ourselves. For this reason, the problems disappear when we finish learning our lesson. Thus we see that all the bad things we live through are nothing more than the opportunity to open our consciousness to new knowledge.


We call karma the debt we owe to our destiny and dharma the reward we receive for our good deeds of the past. For example, a person may be going through a crisis and, at the least expected moment, someone appears to help him selflessly. That someone may be a person who has benefited before. All the good we do to others comes back to us in multiplied form.

Karma and dharma can be understood as activities in two different banks. To the first we owe money and he pursues us until we pay him. In contrast, the second pays us interest on what we have deposited. These banks have no connection with each other, that is, no matter how many good deeds we do in the present, we will still have to pay our debts to destiny.

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I once read that a good part of the situation in which we find ourselves today, is due to the decisions we made earlier, so, although there is no "simple and unique cause" for each thing, it can happen that the sum of multiple effects give us the result we have, is the same as saying that the "reality" we live can be commonly poly-causal.

That fits quite well with the idea that while the world gives you conditions to decide (although sometimes they are limited conditions), the decisions you decide to make and the consequences they carry always fall on your will.

@edgarare1, In my opinion, in a way this falls under the Subject of KARMA to some extent, means, what we release it will come back to us, both Negative and Positive. And i agree with you on this point that, nothing is luck it's all falls under the Law.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

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