It is never easy to be Movers and Shakers

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took me a while to get this b$%^&@ right.... haha


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Blockchain, the potential of a sustainable possible income outside the regular Matrix controlled by authoritarians, the encourager of self-sovereignty, liberty and voluntarisms – to be honest, is a *Wild Wild West for many people out there still even though the first blockchain launched over a decade ago.
Especially for blockchain that requires human connection, collaboration and interaction, with the technology that both kept the people around the world closer (in the cyberspace) but further in real life; STEEM blockchain by far is the only blockchain that (surprisingly) lasted so long...

Because of the movers and shakers in this platform that dared to dream

This account was a Dared to Dream account, stepping in to push the skeptic mindset aside and show people who are not community centered minded that hey: Humanity with courage still exist.

Why do I add in “courage”?

Because let’s face it. Crypto coins though seen through our screens feel real, but they are 1s and 0s, powered by electricity, and connected through wave lengths of cables and satellite. It requires faith and courage to believe that it can work; with that convincing power able to influence others to believe the same.

It feels very noble gesture and vision empowered; but it is NEVER EASY to achieve.

Recently I wrote a post about the struggles of this account wanting to support the right tribe that has successfully influenced others to come join in their vision and mission; and from that post I also see new bloomed dreamers who are trying hard to run the race too.

There are 3 of them: @crypto.piotr , @gtpjfoodbank and @surpassinggoogle

Although I have not met @crypto.piotr when he was still residing in Malaysia, but we have exchanged many discussions together along with those he has been pushing to support the struggling community he has his heart hooked with compassion. I have quietly watched him struggle the whole year getting the community he wants to support to accept the idea, at the same time I was talking to other people of the similar community at other platform with the concept of creating an ecosystem rather than just looking it as an income source.

Due to family needs I have shifted away from looking at his project for a while but I believe he has managed to keep the hope up still, with @project.hope blooming slowly and steadily.

Yes, movers and shakers are marathon runners. They are not race sprinters.

@gtpjfoodbank is another good example. A tiny single Food Bank established back in 2013, struggling to search for donors and the director took a step of faith and courage to join this blockchain 2 years ago believing that somehow, the tokens rewarded on this blockchain powered by the Proof of Brain can become an exchanged source between real life donors and aided recipients, including collaborating with other outreach centers and turn a Food Bank into an exchange hub.

Yes, movers and shakers don’t run alone, they run together.

I still yet able to wrap around what @surpassinggoogle tries to do when he splits his creativity into so many segments in order to first help his Filipino community that he so passionately tries to get them out of poverty mindset, and I know personally he is one who has countless burn out in his mind, body and soul and yet he pushes on from one mountain to another mountain.

So far I believe he has reached to a good stance where he found the Filipino's niche and tap into the potential of how to empower them. Kudos to him who tries again and again to go back to the drawing board.

And now, I see a new heartfelt dare to dream individual, @luciannagy who wants to support his own industry and similar genre in hope to make a difference for those who needed help, he created his own token but yet there are no takers.

I read his brief introduction of his token and taken note that his genre is niche, and that requires a niche community with the same interest.

This requires collaboration, perseverance and focused mission; not a standalone give out air drops runner no matter how rich one is. Because when that happens, people will come and take and throw , because their interest is the free gift that can change for a better gift and yet to value the gift itself.

Hence, this post is born

My purpose of sharing my thoughts in this post is to not bash down the new idea, but in hope as an encouragement that his is going to be a long run with bold steps, stepping out of the box and throwing your talents out there with teamwork with others.

I personally hope that from my other reply on his post (and I actually have seen someone else also suggested the same) he will be able to read through and think what is best.

This post also is a notion for me in order to push the whole ideology through, there are few things need to be considered

  1. The big WHY factor of this idea was born in your head
  2. The thick skin on your face to be bold enough to tell your idea to people and live streams like mspwaves and talk to people like @pennsif , Steem proposals and @fundition about your project
  3. The tenacity to push and plan and never waver, the whole year what you want to do to publicize your idea out so that people will catch on
  4. The humility to look at defeat when things do not work out as planned; and to go back to the drawing board to see what else can work that supports the big WHY at the first place
  5. We are not saviours. That position is taken by the One Who did it all at a go before we were even born. Try not to overtake His mission or else we will eventually burn out in disaster.

(I speak of personal experience)

So far, these are the points that come in my head that is very crucial to keep the vision fire burning and keep running until the race completes.

And I hope that whoever reads this will agree and appreciate the current Movers and Shakers in the Steem community who are working very hard to make things better holistically.

Until then

HQ @littlenewthings

#dses initiative member.

A technology can come and go; but when a lifestyle is applied to it, it becomes a new revolution.


Dear @dses

Interesting choice of topic. And obviously I'm flattered to be mentioned by you :) I resteemed already this post on @project.hope - hopefully it will get you little bit more exposure to your publication.

took me a while to get this b$%^&@ right....
What means b$%^&@ ? :) seriously I'm kind of clueless what kind of curse you wanted to use :P

Do you still believe that blockchain can "liberate" us from "regular Matrix controlled by authoritarians"? So far my impression is, that people without central entity controling them are quickly turning into bunch of random "warlords". Steem is a great example of it.

Thanks for introducing us all to @gtpjfoodbank and @surpassinggoogle. And also @luciannagy. I've tried to understand what is his token about and it's economy and I'm still not sure what it is all about and what does he want to achieve. Could you share your own view on it?

ps. my voting power is a bit drained right now, so just a little upvote this time around.
Enjoy your weekend,
Yours, Piotr

What means b$%^&@ ? :) seriously I'm kind of clueless what kind of curse you wanted to use :P

It is a filtered cuss word lol.

No worries on the voting part. I am sorry that I have been so tied up juggling a few projects at hand and writing at the same time. I will do my best to really look into project.hope and see how we can optimise manual curation.

Thank you for your support as always!

Amen, sister. Keep fighting the good fight.

Certainly, this blockchain gives me the impression of being a long-term bet, in fact, that the shutdown requires weeks to complete is something that is part of such an idea.

I believe that without these Movers & Shakers that you mention, it would have been more difficult for people like me to keep the faith in the project and move on when last year many people withdrew and stopped publishing because of the STEEM price drop.

In my personal case it was @crypto.piotr and the partners of @project.hope who gave me the courage to continue and advised me how to improve my content, I have a lot to learn (I feel that too much is what I need to achieve some satisfactory level) but without these supports and comments I don't think I would have kept trying to create content, learn and grow.

I am really glad that @project.hope is making a difference in your life as you progress to be a better content creator.

Most important is the continuous willing to learn and the perseverance.

It is very unfortunate that there are just so many people do not value the price and take this place as just a Milking Cow and dump efforts many sacrifice to make a difference here.

I suppose, Steemfest 4 opened my eyes to understand better of those who struggle silently while being misunderstood of their "high up position" (as movers and shakers)

Before, the Nobel Prize was given to persons. Lately, more and more often to teams. Earlier, a blog was made by an author. Ultimately, they hire freelancers to write or to do the programming or the marketing, good blogs are also team-work. In ancient times there were "renaissance men" or "man-of-all-work", one person having various talents. Today, you are glad if you can make one and only thing relatively good.

The world is complicated and is more and more social.
I hope we won't get to the society of ants and bees...

Yes, the world is no longer a simple place where it is up to one euphoria moment of one person to change how the world. We often neglected many unsung heroes who work really hard to make a difference for many people around us.

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