For Ambient Times, Make it Suntory Time.

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I knew I was headed into ambient territory on this livestream improv, but l definitely underestimated the psychological impact of cutting Mr. Murray into the frame. Before long we were exploring Ambient Lounge, a genre you didn't know you needed in your life. This clip is from about the two hour mark till the end of my last stream, the full VOD is available at:

Most of the heavy lifting in this patch came from setting up a shifting "composite clock" out of a deliberately stuttering Qu-Bit Pulsar, a stream of random sixteenths from Mutable Marbles and a displaced whole note ... all fed into the 2hp 3:1 switch. Marbles (clocked from the main 16th clock stream) is also feeding a bipolar voltage into the selector on the switch ... by setting the Bias low I can dispose the switch to mostly stay on Pulsar's stuttering but regular clock, with occasional bursts of either sixteeths or a loping pause. Since all the melodic information for the streams is contained within the Eloquencer (I've used this broken clock method on the Rene as well to great, albiet simpler effect,) and getting a thick coat of Sinfonion quantization ... the clock meandering stays cohesive within itself while drifting back and forth across the looping Rhodes and drums I laid down as best I could interpret the time. Jazz, man.

Sound sources are predominantly AJH Minimod and Synthesis Technologies E352 with outputs in hard stereo. Doepfer A-111-4 + clouds add texture and occasionally get blasted into the feedback zone.


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Thanks for participating in the BOOMBOX. Glad to see people help it grow again.

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