"TEMPMEASURES" - Live Digitakt Coldsnap Ambient Performance on DTube

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As I make my way traveling through the early freeze in the American midwest, I've been particularly inspired to explore writing with some of the drone-y samples I prepared on the modular in the service of creating new ambient music reflective of the deeply grey environments I have been finding myself in. Here I am mixing icy, mallet-like samples from my Intellijel Plonk with longform, gently modulated low symphonic organ drones captured on the E352 Cloud Terrarium (pound for pound still the best named modular in Eurorack.) This workflow has been a very interesting and roundabout way to discover the sounds of my existing gear ... making samples out of context and trying to write with them circumstantially has reinforced my appreciation of a few of my less relied upon sources and gotten me fired up to add even more samples to the collection before its release.

In this video I'm also experimenting with an overlay of film grain in an effort to bring texture to the washed-out environment. I was somewhat shocked to discover this processing adds close to three hours to my render time on the laptop in the van ... but I'm digging how much the grain contributes to the "analog"ness of what is otherwise an entirely digital process from performance to capture.

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Very cool! Is that your rig parked out front?
I eventually settled on the wet coast as my aging body couldn't handle the frigid temps anymore.
Hang in there!

You know it! I try to hide the grey sprinter in as much of my work as possible. Good catch.

Upon reflection,​ I have a song-title suggestion for you: 'drive-south'...

I like it!

I just bought a new van that I'm going to convert in the coming years. When I turn 65 in 5 I want to do the Baja thing and not have to deal with this friggin' dreary northern hem b.s. weather.
I loved it when I was young though!
Stay safe:)

Captivating and magical sounds bro!!!

UR CRAZY 4 THIS ONE, VACHEjayzrickrubin.jpeg

Hi Drumoperator - i LOVE this bro ... beautiful Blade runner-esque awesomeness!
Another classic piece "in the bag" - your sample set is proving it's worth already - great work.

Uptooted & re-blasted =D

Thanks so much my dude. The sample pack is coming along but still needs some tweaking. I have pages of notes on a bunch of sounds to replace and places where it feels deficient but I think when I’m really done it’s gonna be useful for people without access to modular craziness.

Welcome to the midwest, gray washed out textures for the next few months. Perfect for recording indoors, great beats :-)

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Growing up in the NE, I actually really resonate with this sorta weather and we get basically none of it in the south for better or worse.

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