Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Stay At Home Orders Are Unconstitutional

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The Wisconsin Supreme Court recently struck down the stay-at-home order, ruling that it was unconstitutional and therefore that the restrictions were unenforceable.

But authorities in the region are still issuing 'safer at home' violations.

They've been giving out dozens of citations in recent days.

The Gov. T. Evers recently extended the stay at home rules until the end of May, the 26th to be exact, and health officials in the region are also advocating for the maintained state at home order restrictions as well. But this comes after that ruling by the superior court.

It didn't take long for many people to travel to their favorite restaurants and bars after that ruling became news to the general public.

Didn't Get The Memo...

Despite the higher court issuing that order, health officials and other authorities in the region are still insisting that they have the authority to enforce the stay at home restrictions that have been given by health administrators.

Critics have insisted that the ruling came about because the court is 'bought and paid for', other government officials have ridiculed the move calling it outrageous and irresponsible.

Meanwhile, on the flip side there are others who are likely thankful that the courts in this circumstance have shown some semblance of understanding for the freedom of individuals to travel and do business as usual.

As a result of the change, and the top court deeming those rules unconstitutional, it is expected that slowly more health departments in the area will be looking to rescind those rules. Who knows how long it will take for all authority figures to comply and to stop issuing citations.



its insane! Cognitive Dissonance that we the people are not united and fighting against this bullshit!

Way to go! Go outside people and live your life!
Herd Immunity always worked... anything else is exaggerated and a scamdemic :p