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First off in no way is the idea for this contest original. ( Nothing new under the sun). I got the idea from the great @jaynie. She hosts a weekly contest called Track of the week. See the post here.

I entered the contest last week and it was simple and easy to join. I discovered some really cool songs. And dig this.... the winner was a reggae song. Not just any song but a very chill and alternative tune by an artiste called Stick Figure. See the track below.

Why this DROP A JAHM Contest?

Well I recently won a contest by the IRIE DON Aka @Super-Irie, where I won 100 JAHM for guessing the price of a huge carving of a Rasta head in Negril. See the post here. The Irie Don told me to make a post showing what I did with the JAHM so here I am!

The Rules

  • Resteem this post.
  • Share a Reggae song using a Youtube Embed/link in the comments below.
  • The song must be a 2020 release.
  • State what you like about the song and a little about the artiste.
  • Making a separate post is optional and if done should be via Reggaetube.io in a short review format.
  • Only one entry per person.
  • The contest ends when this post pays out.


The individual who posts the song I like the best will receive 300 liquid JAHM, yup I added 200 JAHM to the mix. Edit: The winner will also get 50% of the STEEM on this post.

Good luck and DROP YOUR JAHM below !!! Let’s go!!!



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World Government brings light to the perils of the ghetto youth in Jamaica. Lack of jobs, proper education, safety etc. For an artist that's currently incarcerated Vybez Kartel is heating up the charts with his constant release of hit tunes. He's also very intune with what's happening in the outside world. His fans are clearly loyal and love him.

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Straight to the point, no long talk ahaha YUSH. So it fi guh.

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Yuh done know mih general

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(amazon music unlimited)

Looking around as always I stopped right in front
Of Yves Lewis.
At first I can sense he incorporated the whole caribbean
in his vibe. Some of the song were out last year but the album
came out last month January 11, 2020
I listened to quite a few tracks and I like Papa and
I'm in love with the music.
The one that still play in my mind is
I know this is the title of the album.
It is what we are all living till we get to the destination
we have.
Like he said chase it.
He is from St Lucia living in the states.
What I like about the song is the searching and positiveness
of the dreams we suppose to look for
Hear it and enjoy

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Thanks for your entry bro and diving straight into the point.

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Hello @dmilliz, let's see... This was just released last month. I think it has a good rhythm. Let's see what you think:


Respect bro. A little more info would have been good. Looking forward to checking it out.

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Ok @dmilliz, I will make a publication about it, but the information is a bit scarce. However, I will do it. 😉

You continue to amaze
me with your powerful
originally pertaining to your
thought processing
and follow through.

Respect super. Don't be afraid to drop a JAHM :)

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Screenshot (6).png

Challenge accepted.
Picked up on drop the JAHM challenge and thought
I'd enter a 2020 release for you to enjoy,
Don Dada

Not too many lyrics but the important ones are 'Reggae Music.'
Brings out the irie in @super-irie.
Just turn the clocks to June, I'm on my way.
Hope you enjoy this time capsule video.

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I think it's a good idea, you have to follow the chain of short contests to promote the tribe, I will soon turn 2 years in Steemit, and I will celebrate with a contest for the benefit of the tribe.


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Thanks. Looking forward to your contest. Yes, a few contest here and there can build good vibes and promote the tribe. Bless up!

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Awesome leggo...resteemed

Looking forward to your recommendation bro.

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Irie the DONs liking this contest

May drop back for more 😎

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Good to know. I was thinking this could be a way to attract people to ReggaeSteem. ( from outside the chain)

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Right on bredda, how about this irie JAHM :) Maybe of all people -- you've heard it before??
Wouldn't say I'd be surprised...

Takeova takes it over and releases this new song right after the start of the new year. Issa vibe for 2020 to start off right and thinking in a good direction. It all starts with those in which you surround yourself with... a good vibe for me to think about as social life is a large player toward success.

This Stinez Ent. guy, I think I've heard of him making some noise somewhere around the BLOCK !?

Ya mon

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Hi @dmilliz, here's a post from this singer I brought with his new song:


Hello friend, this is the song that the artist must guess and look for a 2020 song to participate.

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Hi. soon the new songs will come to you especially if you do some YouTube search.

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Chronic Law, Damage Musiq "BLESS ME

Hope and joy

youtube link with thoughts bro

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the song is titled "live by the spirit"...the song was done by ras michael

the song is a song which i find spiritual and talks about the depth of life,it makes us to have deep understanding about life and whenever i listen to it it makes me to have the courage to face any fears and overcome it with my faith and determination.......

the artiste real name is "Michael George Henry OD" and he was born in 1943....

he was actually raised in a Rastafari community and that had so much influence on his kind of music.....he owns a band named "The Sons of Negus"..

another interesting thing about him is that He was actually the first member of the Rastafari movement to really have a reggae radio program in Jamaica.....he can be referred to as a veteran in the world of reggae music...

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