My Entry To Hive Flag On The Moon Contest

in Sketchbook3 months ago (edited)

If you can't wait then bring it to the moon and stop asking "When moon?" that is right. These group of Hivers decided that they bring their community to the moon. Equipped with the right suit and technology they proudly flew to the moon bringing their sign of pride which is the Hive flag. This is a drawing I made for the contest of @doze to show my support to the community and my support for the idea that Hive will moon soon.

If you are interested to join here is the link to the contest:
Here I show you some drawing process photos
I started with the background first because the most important element is already provided and that is the Hive Flag. No need for me to draw it from scratch
Then I added the moon, some stars and space dust to give more depth and interest to my plain flat background
The cute Hivers in space suit slowly invading I like that idea. Notice the Hive towers on the lower left of the screen, I added them to suggest that the Hivers had settled in already and it is now time for the masses to arrive something similar to mass adoption of this block chain technology. That is what the tower symbolises in this drawing
Added a little detail to complete the outer space look. Most importantly the glow coming from the moon and as it is being casted on the floating Hivers and the flag.

I had fun creating a quick drawing like this and was able to tell a bit about mooning. Hope you join in this initiative and show your support. Thanks for dropping by