May 12, 21: Short Walk/Errands, More DeFi Victory, Short Nap, TV, and Games

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Looking back, I’m not sure what happened... I thought today was more productive than I can pinpoint. 🤷

Cat got me up at four o’clock again this morning. 🤬 Made for a full three fricking hours short today. I tried my best to stay active for most of the day, but it did catch up to me later.

Did all the usual morning stuff, not a lot going on there. Faucets, curation, discord, crypto markets...same as most days.

Cryptos pulling back a bit during the day, reds pretty much across the board and some in double digits, but it’s crypto, nothing big...until later in the evening when we got a hard slam! Relatively large amount of bearish volume came in and smashed the price of BTC all the way back to $50k. 😱

Been a couple of hard downspikes lately. We bounced back nicely off the last one (showing signs of strength), but this one is looking a bit scary!

Patience is a virtue; it’s likely just a correction/temporary breather before we start on the next parabolic run. (Although, I think almost everyone thinks that, so the market could bite us in the ass).

As I am still unwilling to give CZ a pdf of my bank statement, I’m somewhat at a loss to get BNB. It’s a kind of catch 22 like with ETH where I could get BNB to pay the fees, but to swap you need to have BNB to pay the fees. 😡

This means that the only real option I found is a straight peer to peer trade. Luckily, tipCC has a server just for that! I’d tried several times in there, but it seemed like everyone was buying, not selling I got lucky and was able to get $.84 worth! It’s a very small victory (and still not enough to do anything with), but it’s a start. 😁

Speaking of tipCC, man, the things you learn over there! This is, for real, an actual token:


Had some errands that needed doing, so I took the dog with me for a short walk around town to the post office, the library, and the village office. Then we took the long way back and he made it longer by making sure to thoroughly sniff every blade of grass along the way. 🤣😜

I put on a movie in the afternoon, but crashed out for like an hour or so. Got up around when Wenche got off work and she made yummy chicken and veggies for dinner.

Finally decided to take another punt and bought a couple Utopis for Solairitas. Just a couple to start, but I’ve heard good things, so I’ll give it a try and then maybe get some passive income!!!

I’ve been thinking that I’ve done enough thinking about working on the website. I’ve got a solid idea now of at least what to try, time to sit down and get ‘er done.

We watched some random tv after dinner, can’t even really remember and then fell asleep around nine, which wasn’t too bad.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all...although I’m thankful for the upsmash from gerber. 👍 It does help to take the sting out.


Not much to send, but I sent it over to Solairitas.



Once again, it was seriously rough in the Holybread arena, but I did get all my tasks done. 🤩💪


Gained back a spot to number four, but get slaughtered by the guys in front. 😢



I did actually think of CryptoBrewmaster several times today and got a few more ingredients. Still got a couple left to go, though, before I can do another brew.

I didn’t play Splinterlands at all yesterday, and with the clock running out on the season that daily quest sitting there was driving me nuts, so I went for it anyway.




I had hope there for a second that I might even make it to the next tier, but I got beat, of course. I was able to get the Earth splinter quest done and got some really good rewards today, a Legendary and and Untamed pack:


The pack turned out to be pretty good too! Got another Legendary Dragon summoner:


I bought a few more of those guys with opportunity...didn’t realize they get scavenge as well! Leveled one up, but not got either of them to level 6 yet.

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Nice set of rewards with Splinterlands.

I played a little Holybread today. I think I'm ranked 500 and something lol.

How does one earn rewards with Holybread these days. Is selling our items/hero's currently the only way?

Thanks for stopping by! 😁

Holybread rewards come mostly from ranking in the arena, you get an upvote, but I’m not sure where it kicks 50 maybe? I think there’s some work being done to improve the market...Holybread buying heroes, but I’m not sure if that’s started yet.


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