The Words 'Best Friend' Become Redefined: Chiodos (Full guitar cover)

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Fun fact of the day, if you try to upload a Chiodos guitar cover to Youtube, it gets blocked worldwide by their archaic, dilapidated fucking system. Apparently it wouldn't matter if I changed from playing over the original track to a backing track either. So, fuck Youtube. Thankfully there's 3speak, so there's at least one place I can host it. But, yeah. Figured I'd do a full cover of a track that I was really into back when I was very heavy into being a sadboi. Hope you enjoy it. If this hits a $100 payout, maybe I'll even drop my OnlyFans and you can see as many feet and black and white ass pictures as you want.

Also, I'd recommend using headphones or listening to this on a PC/Laptop. Audio sounds muffled through phone speakers, for some raisin.

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